• Good Morning Spain opens the Summer Season at Hard Rock …

    Good Morning Spain opens the Summer Season at Hard Rock Hotel Marbella.

    Protection Against Squatters: A Hilarious Yet Vital Necessity in Spain

    Picture this: You return from a blissful vacation only to find strangers lounging in your living room, feet up on your coffee table, and binging…

    Torrevieja, more than you´d expect!

    Torrevieja is a city in Spain’s south-eastern Alicante province, on the Costa Blanca. It’s known for its Mediterranean climate and coastline, promenades that run along sandy, resort-backed beaches and the quality and freshness of the seafood are unmatched.  

    Car Insurance for Drinking & Driving

    In 2016 a survey was taken to highlight the issues facing the international expat community in Spain. 

    How to get around the city without using a car was at the top of the list, for more than one reason.

    One of them is that B.A.C. levels are lower in Spain than the U.K.,
here 0.5 or 0.3 puts you over the limit.

    Even a glass of wine may exceed the legal limit for driving and therefore tend to stay in the areas where they live, losing many opportunities and events because of this.

    Prawns Pil Pil

    Our in-house chef at Good Morning Spain, Nick Newman shows us this recipe for Gambas al Pil Pil, an absolutely Spanish and delicious recipe that you’re going to love. Take a look and let us know if you used this recipe!

    Watch Good Morning Spain episodes to see how-to cook the best Spanish dishes!

    Have you heard of the Good Food, Good People Guide?

    The Good Food, Good People Guide lists the restaurants and bars that are #ZeroHero venues. This means they offer free soft drinks to designated drivers to support road safety awareness. 

    Great places to eat with free soft drinks. ZERO HERO by Línea Directa.

    Yoga Bears: Nurturing Children’s Well-being through Mindfulness and Movement

    Origins of Yoga Bears and its Philosophical Foundation with Estelle McCluskie

    Yoga Bears embodies a passion for holistic well-being that began with Estelle McCluskie´s own exploration of yoga and mindfulness practices. Estelle’s journey with Yoga Bears began as a personal quest to share the transformative benefits of yoga with her children. Inspired by her own yoga practice and the desire to instil mindfulness from a young age, Estelle embarked on a mission to create a program that would resonate with children.