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About Good Morning Spain

The best of brand partnerships:

Good Morning Spain opens the Summer Season at Hard Rock Hotel Marbella

Such is the success and warm welcome to the Good Morning Spain breakfast show that instead of taking a break for the summer, the team has opted to continue throughout the season but at the prestigious Hard Rock Hotel Marbella. 

This weekly one-hour English-language entertainment tv show is proving to be a welcomed addition to expats in Spain, Brits back in the UK and further afield.

Hard Rock Hotel Marbella is one of Spain’s most exclusive destinations, combining glamour, music and the love out loud vibe of Hard Rock brand, with the added glitz and charm of the Costa del Sol.

Good Morning Spain, also a well-loved brand, therefore makes for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Good Morning Spain is hosted by renowned journalist and TV personality Nicole King who proudly presents the Summer Season with her team from the swimming pool at Hard Rock Hotel Marbella.  #bettertogether #loveoutloud

What to Expect from the Collaboration Between Good Morning Spain and Hard Rock Hotel Marbella? 

Starting the 2024 Summer Season with Hard Rock Hotel Marbella, Good Morning Spain is bringing vibrant summer content, as well as trends to lifestyle tips, interviews, cultural insights, traditional recipes, health, wealth and advice on transitioning from the UK to Spain. Good Morning Spain has it all; a morning ritual that informs and inspires viewers.

Good Morning Spain is excited to partner with Hard Rock Hotel Marbella to provide diverse cultural experiences. This partnership reflects their commitment to showcasing lifestyle and leisure options, catering to both locals and the international community.

The show brings together an extensive team of professionals, all with huge experience in their own fields, covering the topics of wellbeing, nutrition, fashion, fitness, pet care, travel, horoscopes, immigration, integration and consumer rights. 

As the most popular country in the world for expats, and the second most visited country globally by tourists, there are literally millions of English speakers who love Spain but struggle to find a comprehensive TV show explaining what’s going on in their own language.

Good Morning Spain has proven to be a total game changer in a world where communication knows no borders and recognises the need not only to entertain, but also inform and connect with the audience by listening to their concerns. 

The target audience is not only British expatriates living in Spain, but anyone considering a move to Spain, anyone with a passion for languages, or simply anyone who wants to enjoy an entertaining and informative hour. 

Good Morning Spain airs every Monday at 10 am on 7TV Andalucia, one of Spain’s largest television networks, also available online and via YouTube @goodmorningspaintv.