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Good Morning Spain opens the Summer Season at Hard Rock Hotel Marbella

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  • Good Morning Spain, the weekly 1 hour English-language entertainment tv show, first aired in September 2023 and is proving to be a very welcomed addition to expats in Spain and back in the UK.  Such is the success and warm welcome to this breakfast show that instead of taking a break for the summer, the team has opted to continue throughout the season but at the prestigious Hard Rock Hotel Marbella.
  • Hard Rock Hotel Marbella is one of Spain’s most exclusive destinations, combining glamour, music and the love out loud vibe of Hard Rock brand, with the added glitz and charm of the Costa del Sol.
  • Good Morning Spain, aired every Monday at 10 am on 7TV Andalucia and available on line and YouTube is hosted by renowned presenter Nicole King, proudly presenting the Summer Season with her team from the swimming pool at Hard Rock Hotel Marbella.  #bettertogether #loveoutloud

GOOD MORNING SPAIN, the Spanish Morning Show

Good Morning Spain the English language breakfast show airs on 7TV Andalucia every Monday at 10am has become not only popular for English speakers living abroad but for those back in the UK.   

Hosted by journalist and television presenter Nicole King, the show follows the gold standard for morning TV covering every topic that anyone planning on moving to the country, or those just visiting want to know more, this show offers a comprehensive insight into this fascinating country we call home.  The unique blend of experts cover everything from how get your health card in Spain, travel insights off the beaten track to how to make delicious local dishes, consumer rights, horoscopes to Spain’s quirkiest corners.

The show brings together an extensive team, all with huge experience in their own fields, with professional chefs, nutritionists, travel experts and stylists all booked as regulars. 

In a world where communication knows no borders, Good Morning Spain recognises the need for a programme that not only entertains, but also informs and connects with the audience by listening to their concerns.

The target audience is not only British expatriates living in Spain, but anyone considering a move to Spain, anyone with a passion for languages, or simply anyone who wants to enjoy a very entertaining and informative hour. 


From the latest news and trends to lifestyle tips, interviews with national and international guests, cultural insights, traditional recipes, and advice on how best to make the transition from the UK to Spain, Good Morning Spain has it all. The aim is to create a morning ritual that informs and inspires audiences to tackle their daily routines with energy and enthusiasm.

Kicking off the 2024 Summer Season alongside the Hard Rock Hotel Marbella, Good Morning Spain elevates its proposition with refreshing and topical programming: vibrant summer content, from reports on top tourist destinations and music festivals, to fresh and healthy cooking recipes for hot days, with special sections and innovative themes.

Good Morning Spain and Hard Rock Hotel Marbella have joined forces in an exciting new collaboration aimed at enhancing cultural exchange and community engagement along the Costa del Sol. This partnership seeks to foster a deeper connection between the vibrant local lifestyle and the expatriate community from the United Kingdom.

The initiative aims to enrich the cultural fabric of Marbella by offering a platform for shared experiences and artistic expression. Through a series of curated events and activities, residents and visitors alike will have the opportunity to celebrate music, art, and culinary delights, all against the backdrop of one of Spain’s most iconic coastal destinations.

Good Morning Spain is thrilled to partner with Hard Rock Hotel Marbella in bringing a diverse range of cultural experiences to their audience. This collaboration reflects their commitment to showcasing the rich tapestry of lifestyle and leisure options available in Marbella, catering not only to locals but also to the international community who call this place home.

These, among many others, are topics of interest for the production and realisation of each episode of Good Morning Spain. The team strives to delve into the most current and relevant topics, focusing on the needs of our audience.

Both Good Morning Spain and Hard Rock Hotel Marbella are confident that this partnership will strengthen ties within the community and promote Marbella as a cultural hub on the global stage and a summer of excellence.

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