Yoga Bears: Nurturing Children’s Well-being through Mindfulness and Movement

Origins of Yoga Bears and its Philosophical Foundation with Estelle McCluskie

Yoga Bears embodies a passion for holistic well-being that began with Estelle McCluskie´s own exploration of yoga and mindfulness practices. Estelle’s journey with Yoga Bears began as a personal quest to share the transformative benefits of yoga with her children. Inspired by her own yoga practice and the desire to instil mindfulness from a young age, Estelle embarked on a mission to create a program that would resonate with children.

Kate Hill and Boxing!

Our lovely Kate Hill is always up for anything.  She’s Kangooed, danced Salsa, made a great attempt at Zumba, exceeded her own expectations at TRX, powered through pilates, worked out on city-centre exercise machines and shown us how to box!

Who’d of thought that our petite Kate would be so involved with the boxing world?  To find out more on Kate’s boxing background and see her in action, check out Episode 7 of Good Morning Spain.

Navigating the Challenges of the Spanish Medical System

Navigating the Challenges of the Spanish Medical System. Securing a simple medical appointment can become a complex task when language barriers come into play.  When faced with a more serious issue, the inability to communicate can be life-threatening.

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