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Car Insurance for Drinking & Driving

Free Taxi up to 4 times a month!!

In 2016 a survey was taken to highlight the issues facing the international expat community in Spain. 

How to get around the city without using a car was at the top of the list, for more than one reason.

One of them is that B.A.C. levels are lower in Spain than the U.K.,
here 0.5 or 0.3 puts you over the limit.

Even a glass of wine may exceed the legal limit for driving and therefore tend to stay in the areas where they live, losing many opportunities and events because of this.

If we do go out most of us want to take our car and we usually anticipate being able to drive home, safely.  However in many cases we do know that we’re probably over the limit but don’t want the cost of a taxi or the hassle of going back to pick up our car or motorbike the next day.

Linea Directa’s response to these concerns was to extend an existing policy available for up to 26 year olds to include the entire international community with a N.I.E, initially in the province of Málaga.

If you think you’re over the limit to drive home, they’ll take you and your companions, including the car or motorbike, at no additional cost.

Apart from this service being completely free of charge it has no effect whatsoever on the price of your policy renewal. 

This applies:

  • For the rider declared in the policy. Any day of the week, from midnight to 7:00 a.m.
  • Within a 25 km radius from the pick up point and only in Spanish territory of the province of Málaga.
  • Subject to availability of taxis and tow trucks.
  • Only available to those who have previously taken out breakdown assistance.

Línea Directa reserves the right to reject further requests for this courtesy service if the customer uses it inappropriately, in cases such as his or her absence at the agreed pick-up time, cancellation of the service once the service provider is en route, or using the service more than 4 times a month.

Having this service up to four times a month is very generous and we should full advantage of this generosity rather than take risks.  Every weekend it can be used if we go out at night, helping encourage us not to drink and drive: a free taxi and the car or bike taken home; it’s a no brainer!

Call 952 14 78 34 for more information. This is a local number and doesn’t have the exorbitant costs of the 902 numbers!

Linea Directa have a very extensive service for the expat, at competitive prices with everything in English, but geared for the Spanish laws to cover issues that foreign companies may not even contemplate.

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