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Doing the right things for the right reasons

In today’s world, the pursuit of financial gain often overshadows employee well-being in the corporate landscape, creating a scenario where job satisfaction takes a back seat. Good Morning Spain refuses to endorse such companies, emphasising a commitment to viewing our team and viewers as one extended family, with everyone’s wellbeing our foremost objective.

When considering sponsors for our programme our main priority is only collaborating with other companies that that resonate with our values. Linea Directa is certainly one of them. 

Our interaction with Linea Directa began when addressing the serious issue of international residents neglecting the dangers of drinking and driving in Spain, leading to unnecessary loss of lives. Surprisingly, the company not only expressed interest in understanding the situation but took concrete steps to address it.

They expanded an existing policy to the international community, providing free taxis up to four times a month and tow trucks at no extra charge if the driver has been drinking.

Initiatives like the Linea Directa Road Safety Foundation and sponsorship of the #ZeroHero campaign underscore their commitment to safety. Communication in clients’ native languages ensures transparency, and the absence of automatic renewals demonstrates a respect for autonomy and commitment to transparency, setting Linea Directa apart in the industry.

Over eight years of collaboration, Linea Directa has proven to be more than just an insurance company. It fosters a culture of genuine care and understanding, treating employees as valued individuals and creating a harmonious work-life balance.

This commitment translates into a positive work atmosphere, forming the basis for an innovative and thoughtful approach to insurance. Benefits like courtesy cars, GPS locator services, and special offers tailored to the expat lifestyle, including free taxis, all in English exemplify the company’s dedication to safety and clients’ wellbeing.

In conclusion, in my humble opinion, Linea Directa stands as a beacon of exemplary practices in an industry often met with scepticism. Its emphasis on employee welfare, tailored benefits for expats, English-language services, and a client-centric approach redefine insurance standards, setting a precedent for the industry.

It’s crucial for expats to note however that many mentioned benefits are exclusively available to international residents. To access these advantages, expats must opt for the English policy rather than the default Spanish one. Both are good, but the English policy offers exclusive extras tailored for the expat community. They have my support and gratitude not just for their policies but because they consistently and authentically do the right things for the right reasons.

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