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Kate Hill and Boxing!

Our lovely Kate Hill is always up for anything.  She’s Kangooed, danced Salsa, made a great attempt at Zumba, exceeded her own expectations at TRX, powered through pilates, worked out on city-centre exercise machines and shown us how to box!

Who’d of thought that our petite Kate would be so involved with the boxing world?  To find out more on Kate’s boxing background and see her in action, check out Episode 7 of Good Morning Spain. 

Before you go, let’s quickly run through the history of the sport and some of the physical and mental benefits of Boxing whilst we’re on the subject.

So how did Boxing even become a sport you may ask?  Well, it turns out that Boxing can be traced back thousands of years, with images of boxers depicted in Egyptian tombs and in ancient Greece. Over time, the sport has evolved and become more regulated, especially in terms of safety rules and equipment.

It wasn’t until 1993 that the first sanctioned women’s boxing match was held in the United States.  Nowadays there are far more opportunities than ever before with professional boxing leagues, sponsorships, and other opportunities for women to earn a living through their skills and talent in the sport too.

Can you believe it wasn’t until 2012 that the sport was to be included in the Olympics!

If considering taking up Boxing it’s important to consider whether it’s to improve fitness, learn self-defense, or compete competitively. Understanding the goals will help find the right training program and instructor.

There are many different types of boxing, including amateur and professional boxing, kickboxing, and more. The instructor can discuss these differences and which may be most appropriate for different individuals.

While boxing can be a great form of exercise, it is important to consider one’s physical ability before starting. Anyone with pre-existing injuries or health conditions should speak with a doctor before starting a boxing program.

Proper equipment is crucial for safety, including gloves, hand wraps, mouth guards, and headgear, making sure to have the right size and fit for each piece of equipment.

With all this being said, this sport is great way to train for cardio conditioning, strength training, increased fitness, improved hand-eye coordination. It can also be a powerful tool for self-defence.

Boxing is also a great way to reduce stress, anxiety and improve focus and concentration.  It is also a great way to build one’s self-confidence; getting involved with group classes and events allow individuals to connect with others and achieve their goals together.

Kate started to learn boxing with a trainer and recommends that others get the correct introduction to the sport for safety as this can be a high-intensity sport. Working with a qualified instructor and taking a beginner’s or introductory class are great options, although perhaps should be obligatory for safety’s sake.

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