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Have you heard of the Good Food, Good People Guide?

Great places to eat with free soft drinks

The Good Food, Good People Guide lists the restaurants and bars that are #ZeroHero venues. This means they offer free soft drinks to designated drivers to support road safety awareness. 

To ensure you always pick the perfect place when being the #ZeroHero or for whenever you’re thinking of somewhere new to visit, the Good Food, Good People guide, lists the participating venues together with a comprehensive review, providing honest feedback based on personal experience.  Each review will rate the food, décor, service, toilets, suitability for children, whether dogs are welcome or not, as well as where best to park, making this one of the most comprehensive Good Food guides on the coast.

There are many great restaurants, bars and hotels already supporting this incentive as they value their customers and not just their custom.  This also applies to the collaboration of the Linea Directa Road Traffic Safety Foundation, who are privy to the statistics that clearly highlight the dire consequences that drink driving can have and wish to help reduce the cases in every way possible.

Under the slogan “Road Safety. Here and Now”, the Línea Directa Foundation was created by the Línea Directa Insurance company in 2014 as a further step in its commitment in the fight against traffic accidents and improving road safety in Spain.

Its main mission is to reduce the number of traffic accidents and victims on our roads to zero whilst promoting responsible driving habits through four lines of action: Diffusion, Research, Training and Social Action. 

The Línea Directa Foundation is a non-profit institution, which aims to help build a better and safer society by promoting different initiatives whose main axis of action is Road Safety.  The support for this campaign is very much appreciated.

#ZeroHero is a community project that arose from the annual United Nationalities of Marbella Summits and encourages us to be more thoughtful before drinking and driving with a positive twist, by rewarding the designated driver with free soft drinks.

This is how the #ZeroHero campaign works:

The campaign focuses on encouraging people to plan ahead when going out to drink, to designate a driver who will abstain from alcohol and ensure the safe transportation of the group, or at least, as a subtle reminder to reflect before drinking and driving.

The campaign is designed to encourage designated drivers by offering them free soft drinks at participating venues*. This initiative seeks to make responsible drinking a more socially accepted norm, while simultaneously promoting the importance of designated driving.

To maintain the subtlety of the initiative the main focus is on the promotion of the restaurants, bars and hotels that embrace this campaign, who are recognising their social responsibility to the community as well as to their own success.  We don’t want to force people into not drinking and driving, just remind them that this issue exists so hopefully they can make the safest choice when the time comes.

So, the next time you are going out to enjoy a lunch or evening with friends or family, why not choose a Zero Hero participating venue from www.zerohero.es?

If there isn’t a participating venue in the areas you like to go, why not encourage your favourite places to join in? The more the merrier and the safer we’ll all be.

There is not charge or cost for the #ZeroHero Partner and many benefits.

Why pay if you don’t have to?

*Each venue has the right to decide how many soft drinks they provide according to their discretion and criteria.

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